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2019March 22

Canvas X Overview

How do I use Canvas for Technical Illustration? Learn more about using Canvas software in your organization with a technical illustration overview video.  "I've demonstrated this sequence to several organizations, and they're pleased how much can be done so quickly in Canvas" said Simon Tipler, Product Director of Canvas GFX. "Our customers really love getting [...]

2018December 8

Technical Illustration Technique

What is technical illustration? Plantation, FL (December 15, 2018) – Canvas GFX authored an overview of Technical Illustration Technique to provide an overview of what technical illustration is, and the techniques used to prepare effective visual documentation.  "This overview provides a summary of the considerations needed to prepare excellent visual information that is both efficient [...]

2018November 6

Introducing Canvas X 2019 and Canvas X GIS 2019

Illustrate your world with Canvas X 2019 Plantation, FL (November 6, 2018) – Canvas GFX releases latest edition of technical graphic software. Canvas X 2019 and Canvas X GIS 2019 provides a diverse design environment for professionals from graphic designers to seismologists, and GIS professionals. Canvas X 2019 and Canvas X 2019 GIS achieve industrial [...]

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