Technical Illustration Technique (White Paper)

“Technical Illustration Technique”

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • Why technical illustration is important
  • How to approach your illustration
  • What techniques you should consider
  • What turns an OK illustration into a GREAT illustration

Key outcomes:

  • Technical illustration approaches and techniques
  • Determining your audience
  • Best tools for the job
  • Cosmetic considerations for all illustrations
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Interested in technical illustration software?

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When it comes to technical drawing software, there are many options available, each with its own benefits and limitations.

The beauty of this program is that it can be used to create and edit raster images and vector objects, which allows it to be useful in a variety of fields, from graphic design to engineering. However, the focus of this newest update targets the aerospace, energy, engineering and scientific industries.

Versatility in Technical Drawing, Kristine H

It’s refreshing to see a technical illustration package that breaks that dichotomy by being both affordable and functional. And that is exactly what we have in Canvas X from Canvas GFX.

Canvas X follows CGM*ATA 2200 software specifications for technical illustration, which means that it is especially useful in aerospace.

Illustrators who prefer a familiar way of doing things, or who require very high-quality drawings accurate to a sub-micron level in a professional setting will benefit from Canvas, as will engineers who illustrate to ATA standards.

High Functionality, Low-Price Technical Illustration, Phillip K

Often, the best way to convey an idea is through a story—a preset series of images that progress to the main point the engineer is trying to convey. Whether that story be a formal presentation, concept sketches (long before the details have been worked out in CAD), marketing collateral, or even an animation, CAD is not always the right tool for the job.  Enter Canvas X.

For engineers who have trouble expressing themselves artistically, this is exactly the type of illustration program that is needed to make your marketing collateral and presentations pop.

Bring out your inner artist, Scott W