Release Notes for Canvas X³ CADComposer

Build 20.0.416

Canvas X³ CADComposer is the preferred application for technical illustrators in many industries because it offers the most flexible, scalable and integrated design environment. Canvas X³ CADComposer has a full range of precise vector object illustration tools and advanced raster image editing tools that you need — all in one single, workflow-accelerating application. In addition, Canvas X³ CADComposer can support importing various 3D format files to place them in your Canvas document. Files created with Canvas X³ CADComposer will be stored in the new file format (*.CVXCAD), so you can share the document with your colleagues and edit 3D objects whenever needed.

Canvas X³ CADComposer provides a complete solution for small business, school, and corporate users:

  • An array of tools for illustration, layout, editing, proofing, and final output, so you can take projects from start to finish in Canvas X³ CADComposer.
  • A dynamic and flexible interface, including a Toolbar you can configure with commands, tools, and styles as well as customizable keyboard shortcuts, a Docking pane and Docking bar to store palettes, and a Properties bar for tool settings and object manipulation.
  • Help when you need it, in the form of a Dynamic Help window and the Canvas Assistant help for the tool you’re currently using, built right into the interface, as well as a fully searchable Help system available from the Help menu.
  • Support of popular 3D format files, ability to change the colors, opacity, visibility at the part-level and to change overall appearance of the 3D Model applying another raster mode.
  • Ability to move individual parts freely, to translate parts along an axis, to rotate parts, and explode parts in the 3D Model edit mode.
  • Convenient tools to annotate on the 3D Model with sequential numbers, alphabets, part names, or custom texts, and creating a table based on the annotations or part name and quantity.

Known Issues

  • When Windows operating system (Windows 7) has not been kept up-to-date, launching Canvas X³ CADComposer may incur an error message about missing .dll files or redistributables. In the event that you encounter such error message, please update your Windows operating system to the latest. Then try re-installing Canvas X³ CADComposer to resolve the issue.
  • It is recommended to restart the operating system after the installation so that necessary redistributable packages are completely installed on the system.
  • In order to enable the pressure-sensitivity of Canvas X³ CADComposer on Surface Pro, please download the latest WinTab drivers, install them, and restart the OS before launching the application.

Not Supported

  • A multi-page document with different orientations will not print as such. Please print pages of different orientations or dimensions separately.

More Information

For information about Canvas X³ CADComposer, and to access additional resources, please visit the Product Support and Resources page online. Additional information and resources include:

Additional information and resources include:

  • Software updates
  • Supported file formats
  • Supported camera RAW formats
  • Tutorials
  • User Guide
  • Knowledge Base
  • Support

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